Picture of the staff of Trumann Public Works
Scotty Jones, Director of Trumann Public Works

Scotty Jones
Public Works Director

Craighead Electric
Ph: (800) 794-5012

Ph: 1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-3749)

Poinsett County Democratic Tribune: (870) 483-6317

Scotty Jones
Public Works Director



Trumann Public Works has several divisions

City Inspections
Water / Sewer / Sanitation has on average 3,000 customers
Street division has 50 miles of street to maintain
Mosquito spraying takes place 6 months out of every year
Parks has 6 public parks to maintain
The Public Works Department has a total of 28 employees

Picture of the Trumann Public Works building and sign
Digging a hole with a backhoe to repair a gushing water line break
Public works employees installing a new access hole with an escavator.
Two men down in a hole, standing in 6 inches of water, cutting and repairing a sewer line break
Three public works employees down in a large trench installing a new 8 inch sewer line
Picture of the city garbage truck emptying trash bins
Demolishing an old trailer house with a backhoe
Picking up tree limbs on a citizen's curb with a public works grapple-arm truck
Repairing a hole in a pave street by packing limestone aggregate with an escavator bucket
Demolition of a condemned structure and placing the materials in a dumpster with a backhoe.
Picture of a mini-escavator installing drainage pipe in a road ditch.
Picture of a public works employee operating a portable pump cleaning out a pumping station
Digging a hole with an escavator to repair a water line break
Picture of a Trumann Public Works truck spreading salt on a snowy road.