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Welcome to Trumann, the largest city in Poinsett County! Trumann has a rich and colorful history dating back to the mid 1800’s. At that time the whole area was covered by hardwood trees and, during a few months of the year, several feet of water. The trees brought the timber industry with associated sawmills, one of which became Poinsett Lumber and Manufacturing Company—later Singer Sewing Machine Cabinet Company; in addition, the Springfield Cooperage Company came in, producing barrels for shipments by rail (now the Burlington Northern Railway). As the companies cleared the land, acreage was sold for agriculture, creating the agricultural area of today that grows cotton, soybeans, rice, wheat, and corn. Development of the Saint Francis and Mississippi levee systems helped to develop Trumann… Read more

Old picture of the Trumann Municipal Complex

Highlights of Trumann

Trumann is a progressive community with a population of approximately 7,250 residents located on I-555 within 10 miles of a major metropolitan trade city—Jonesboro.

City government is a mayor/city council form of government with the mayor acting as chief operations officer for city operations.

Total 2018 budget appropriations:  $6,786,118.00

Total number of city employees: 65

City services:

  • Police: 24-hour police protection
  • Fire: 24 hour fire protection
  • Water: quality water provided from 2 wells and 3 above ground storage tanks
  • Sewer: modern sewage treatment facilities;
  • Sanitation and mosquito spraying; residential
  • Streets/Parks: maintenance of all city streets and parks within the Trumann city limits
  • Sports & Recreation: a sports complex with baseball/softball fields; a splash pad; parks with playground equipment; a walking track; a recreation facility; picnic tables; a disc golf course

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